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Astrology Solutions by Pandit vikrant Sharma
(Gold Medalist and Bengali Tantrik)


About Astrologer

A Horoscope generally forms the basis of my readings but people not knowing their birth details can also benefit from me as their reading can be done in a number of ways like casting the horoscope by viewing their interpreting from horoscope of their close distant relative who birth detail are known or answering through horary or person vigyan to name a serve. Pandit vikrant Sharma (Gold Medalist and Bengali Tantrik) drive immance pleasure, when Pandit vikrant Sharma (Gold Medalist and Bengali Tantrik) see people leaving my office calm peaceful, relaxed and satisfied. Pandit vikrant Sharma (Gold Medalist and Bengali Tantrik) feel pried myself because in offering complete astrological guidance to people from all over the globe irrespective of their cast creed and race.

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Astrological Prediction

Predicting the future using the horoscope is one of the traditional uses of Astrology. Horoscopes are used by millions today, as a reliable guide and forecasting tool for future trends and tendencies. Astrology shows that the stars and planets are a map to our personalities and a guide to our place in the world. It explains how the world is regular and predictable (up to a point!). A horoscope (containing an astrological forecast) will place these trends into a context, with regard to our own personal destinies.

Enlightened Astrology does not teach a purely fatalistic view of the world. Within the environment indicated by the stars, as shown in the horoscope, we have considerable freedom to move and make decisions, according to our character and circumstances.

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